Woundtech, the leading provider of wound management services to the managed care industry in the US and Puerto Rico has entered into a collaborative agreement with Tissue Analytics. Tissue Analytics which is part of a Johns Hopkins incubator has been developing advanced technologies linked to smartphones for the wound care market.

Woundtech is already the leader in the integration of telehealth and wound care. Woundtech has won multiple awards for its integration of technology and clinical practice including Qualcomm’s business innovation award, two ComputerWorld Laureates and a Wireless Life Science finalist amongst others.

According to Woundtech CEO/CMO, Jeffrey Galitz, MD, DPM, FACFAS, DABPS “ the collaboration between our respective organizations opens up a new dynamic in health technology related to wound care”.

Tissue Analytics has developed technologies for wound care including 3-Dimensional scanning of the wound. Another advanced feature is automated tissue classification with quantitative measuring of tissue types via smartphone photographs. Improved photography is now capable through their autocorrecting of captured images for both position and color.

According to Dr. Galitz, “The technology that we are most excited about is the Machine Learning module which we are helping to develop with Tissue Analytics”. Currently, Woundtech utilizes Evidence Based Algorithms through Sequential Assisted Logic Module (SAL) that it has developed to ensure that its clinicians follow evidenced based protocols. According to Dr Galitz, “Machine Learning takes this to a whole new level, now we will be able to have individually tailored care at point of care for each patient utilizing a multitude of characteristics related to that patient and similar populations”.

This allows a level of predictive modeling we have never had before. This also allows for improved data reporting for Woundtech’s clinical research division along with our Product Analysis Data System (PADS). Now wound product manufactures will not only be able to have analysis of product outcomes but we will now be able to quantitatively analyze changes in a multitude of characteristics of the wound such as slough, granulation and necrotic tissue changes.

Woundtech is the leading provider of wound management services to Health Plans, MSO’s, IPA’s and Large Groups in the US and Puerto Rico. Woundtech covers 22 million patients for their wound management needs. To learn how Woundtech can greatly improve your members care and lower costs by up to 70% contact us at b2b@woundtech.net .